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Welcome Michelle Roberts as the 2022-2023 IEHA State President

Thank you to Jan Gogel, 2021-2022 State President.

Purdue Lessons

Through cooperation with the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, IEHA offers a wide range of lessons at no charge.

Focus Groups

Each year volunteers are needed to serve on the Focus Groups and Activity Committees. All active members of IEHA are eligible (and welcomed) to serve.


Do you want to start or continue your education? We have three scholarship programs available to help you succeed.


We have a variety of programs for membership to participate in to make the most of your membership.

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We desire to grow our organization and need you! Locate your district representative and learn how you can join.

Extension Homemaker Creed: We believe in the present and its opportunities, in the future and its promises, in everything that makes life large and lovely, in the divine joy of living and helping others, and so we endeavor to pass on to others that which has benefited us, striving to go onward and upward, reaching the pinnacle of economic perfection, in improving, enlarging and endearing the greatest institution in the world – The Home.

Mrs. C.W. Horne


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Indiana Extension Homemakers Association

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Do you know the IEHA HOMEMAKER A, B, C’s?

National Volunteer Outreach Network

The NVON is comprised of member organizations working together to promote communication, education, and volunteerism for all people. IEHA works together with NVON’s programs: Eat Local, Eat Healthy and Water Around the World.
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Health & Human Sciences

Purdue Extension in the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) is a network of county-based Extension Educators that serve all 92 Indiana counties.
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Country Women’s Council

The CWC of the United States of America is a coordinating council, composed of Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) member societies in the USA and meets annually to promote the work of ACWW.
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Do you know the IEHA HOMEMAKER A, B, C’s?

District Representative

A representative on the State Board that keeps the counties informed of State activities and the State informed of the district’s activities.
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Do you know the IEHA HOMEMAKER A, B, C’s?

Associated Country Women of the World

ACWW Project funding plays a significant part in our commitment to reducing global hunger. As part of our reporting procedures, data is gathered and fed back through the Zero Hunger Challenge and other mechanisms to the United Nations, Food & Agriculture Organization and other international bodies.
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