The Marketing and Logo Sales committee details plans and suggestions for your county activities


Promote Indiana Extension Homemakers


To provide quality and reasonably priced LOGO items and encourage the use of them by all members.

Suggestions for promoting IEHA with LOGO sales

  1. Encourage each County to have an IEHA information booth at their County Fair and at all Special Events.
  2. Use and wear LOGO items, pins, etc.
  3. Promote IEHA at functions, quilt shows, District Meetings, International Meetings, etc.
  4. Have information about the organization to promote LOGO products
  5. Order sheet and inventory/price sheet will be in Presidents’ Blue Book and on the Website

Suggestions for Managing LOGO sales

  1. Keep an up-to-date inventory of products
  2. Provide LOGO Item Order Sheets and Price Lists for Presidents’ Blue Book and IEHA website
  3. When selecting items to order consider estimated sales as opposed to quantity order sale prices
  4. Review inventory and prices on basic items, i.e. paper products, before reordering
  5. Keep number of items in D.R. tubs at manageable amounts

For assistance or information contact:

Patty Coonrod 6640 N. 1100 E. Idaville, IN 47950, Phone: 574-808-8040, Email

Inventory Control:

Cathy Cook, PO Box 84, Trafalger, IN 46181, Phone: (317) 714-8432, Email