Host-A-Hoosier is a special invitation for your county to participate in a program that pairs two counties to exchange visits. An exchange of ideas, problem solving, travel, adventure, fun and fellowship await you. Please review the objectives and guidelines of this ONE-YEAR program with your county board.

Complete and return the application following instructions on the form.


  • Sharing ideas to strengthen both counties is the most important issue.
  • Stimulate action with new ideas gained from the exchange.
  • Promote understanding and friendship.
  • Exchange information about each countyโ€™s structure.
  • Exchange with a county from another district.


  • Invite two county officers (or more, if agreed upon by both counties).
  • Accommodations and meals are furnished by the host county. Travel expense is funded by the visiting county.
  • Share your county events and educational programs with guests. Suggested events for visits include; a council meeting, local club meeting, luncheon with officers, leader training lesson, a special county EH event, tours of special places in your county, etc.
  • Counties are paired for a one-year period beginning on July 1st and ending on June 30th of the following year.