Each year at the Home and Family Conference we highlight Cultural Art projects and Heritage Skills

Please note the following regulations regarding projects

  1.  No Pre-registration is needed. You may bring forms with the item at
    Conference. All items will be displayed
  2. Each county is allowed ONE (1) entry in one of the four categories: Quilts,
    Needlework, Crocheting/Knitting, or Crafts/Miscellaneous
  3. Each county is allowed one (1) entry in the special project category.
  4. The entire article entered must be a finished item and the work of Indiana
    Extension Homemaker member(s).
  5. The exhibit must have been completed with the last two (2) years, and
    never before exhibited at Home and Family Conference.
  6. There will be a 1st place winner in each of the four (4) categories along with
    a winner of the Special Project. Winners will be announced at the closing
  7. Viewers will have the chance to vote for each category. The times for
    voting will be announced.
  9. Each county is responsible for getting the entry to Conference for setup.
    Materials used for transport cannot be left in the Cultural Arts display area.
  10. There should be no visible personal identification on the entry.
  11. No Volunteer Community Support items will be accepted.
  12. Each year, plans are to have a special feature category.
  13. Download Cultural Arts Exhibit Info

Cultural Arts Special Project 2023 – FAIRY GARDEN

For 2023, the committee has chosen a fairy garden for the Special Project.  The ornament must not be larger than 18”x18”x18” inches in size. It must have been completed in the last two years.

The committee also decided to add an additional category to the regular projects. We will be adding a category for Knitting/Crocheting; this will make 4 categories to include Quilts, Needlework, Other Crafts and Knitting/Crocheting.

We invite each county to choose 1 item for the Special Project and 1 item for the additional craft categories for a total of 2 items entered per county. We look forward to a very successful Home and Family Conference.

Cultural Arts Form