The following forms should be returned to your State Treasurer, Ellen King

IEHA Payment Form for DRs and District Treasurers

This form should be used by District Representatives and District Treasurers to send money to our State Treasurer.

Cancer Research Endowment Fund Donation Form

Use this form to send donations for the Cancer Research Endowment Fund to the State Treasurer.

Nickels for Indiana Leadership

This document explains Nickels for Indiana Leadership.

Coins for Friendship Facts

Confused about what Coins for Friendship is, or where those coins are used?  This form may help answer some of your questions.

State Dues Form

Here you can find the State Dues form to be used for paying 2018-2019 dues and donations. Dues should be sent to Ellen King our current IEHA State Treasurer.

IEHA Allowable Expenses for State Board

This download details allowable expenses for State Officers, District Representatives and some committee chairs.

IEHA Allowable Expenses for Committee Chairs

Here are the details of allowable expenses for committee chairs.

IEHA Expense Reporting Sheet

This sheet is used to report allowable expenses.

IEHA Insurance Event and
Food Event Insurance Coverage

New this year is insurance coverage for events with food prepared and served by IEHA. Include this form with your IEHA Insurance Enrollment Form and payment when it is sent to the State Treasurer. A seperate form should be completed for each food event. June 15, 2018 is the enrollment cut off date!