Indiana Consortium of Family Organizations

The Consortium of Family Organizations is the body responsible for presenting the Family Impact Seminars. They provide research based information about family topics for our legislators. IEHA is a member of the consortium.

Family Impact Seminars

Family Impact Seminars are non-partisan educational sessions summarizing current research on a particular family issue, targeted toward legislators, legislative staff and other key decision-makers.  Family Impact Seminars have the following goals:

  1. To provide objective, non-partisan information on family issues.
  2. To analyze the consequences an issue, policy or program has for family well-being.
  3. To promote family well-being as a criterion for policy making.
  4. To illustrate the central role of families in addressing social problems.

IEHA Communication Tree

The IEHA State Board uses the communication system outlined in this document to release important information.

Constitution & By-Laws Tips for Clubs

Need some help understanding or creating or revising club or county constitutions or bylaws? This document may be of assistance.

Diversity Plan of Action

See the Diversity Plan of Action in this download.

IEHA Enthusiasm Award

Each county may nominate one enthusiastic individual for the Enthusiasm Award. Nominees are due to District Representatives by April 1st. The awards will be presented at Home & Family Conference.

ENTHUSIASM: A great eagerness to be involved in a particular activity that you like and enjoy or that you think is important. An intense and eager enjoyment or interest. A feeling of energetic interest in a particular subject or activity and a desire to be involved in it.

Does someone fitting this description come to mind from your county? Is there someone in your county who has an undying passion for IEHA; do they exude Enthusiasm to fellow club members? Do they “get the ball rolling” and encourage participation in favorite projects; do they share their love for IEHA with others? Are they willing to go the extra mile for their club, county and community?

Then nominate this passionate individual for the ENTHUSIASM AWARD; from the Leadership Focus Group. Enthusiastic members make good leaders! The awards will be presented at Home and Family Conference. There will be 1 winner from each District.

Each county may nominate 1 ENTHUSIASTIC Individual. Nominations are due to your District Representative by April 1. Everyone shows ENTHUSIASM in there own unique way!