Liability Insurance Premiums due to June 15

IEHA Liability Insurance Premiums are due June 15 to the current State Treasurer

IEHA Insurance Form 20-21 and IEHA Dues Donations Form

It is time for the IEHA County Presidents and County Councils to be considering your insurance coverage for the coming year August 1, 2020 through July 2021

The IEHA Board reexamined the insurance needs of our members and determined that both standard liability and accident insurance was necessary to adequately cover our membership. We strongly recommend insurance to cover your needs at any IEHA event. The State Board of Directors is offering coverage this year at $2.30 per member. This is a slight increase over last year, but in addition to standard liability, the insurance will now include accident insurance and insurance for travel. By no means is this mandatory, and, in no way, do we want to imply that this is your only option. Some counties have sought an alternate liability policy on their own and others buy event insurance. We DO encourage you to explore all options and select what is most appropriate for your county. The cost reflected here is possible due to the volume of members in our organization

The following statements will attempt to answer most of the frequently asked questions

IEHA Club and County events are covered. Insurance cost is $2.30 per member, including mailbox members. You may not purchase for only certain clubs or a few members. Events held at the fair, for example, Womens Day and Open Class exhibits, are most likely covered by fair board insurance. However, if someone would like to choose to sue IEHA for negligence (naming several parties such as the fair board and IEHA) the policy would provide coverage. Covers each registered member while participating in or attending regularly approved organization activities. FULL coverage while traveling directly to and members home and the meeting place for the purpose of participating in scheduled activity up to limits of the policy. If you charter a bus, you should ask, in advance, that the bus company provide you with a certificate of insurance. The policy does cover liability for food prepared and served by IEHA members at an IEHA event. If you have a caterer for a meal, the caterer should provide you with a certificate of insurance prior to the event. There is NO need to fill out separate food event form, UNLESS you (meaning an IEHA entity, club or county

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IEHA Mission Statement

The mission of the Indiana Extension Homemakers is to strengthen families through continuing education, leadership development, and volunteer community support.