Indiana Extension Homemakers Association, founded in 1913, continues to build on its rich heritage by working to strengthen Indiana homes and families. Membership is open to all regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, handicap, or national origin.

100th Anniversary

The 100th Anniversary celebration at Home and Family Conference 2013 included a very special song for IEHA and the occasion.  “Home is Love” was written by Ted Arthur and performed by our Extension Homemakers chorus, The Melody Makers of Indiana. 


Although the 100th Anniversary celebration is over, this list has many good suggestions for special occasions and celebrations in your local counties and clubs. 



1913 Indiana Home Economics Association was organized with 10 clubs paying dues. Mrs. Virginia C. Meredith, Cambridge City, was the first president. Purpose: To encourage more county educational groups for homemakers and to promote the teaching of “domestic science” in local schools.

1914 “Every community needs organized groups of women to guide in a common sense way with spirited discussions about whatever will make Indiana homes better homes. This is the aim of this association.” From the President’s, Mrs. Virginia Meredith’s, speech at Annual Meeting, January 15, 1914. Treasurer’s report showed $7.50 on hand.

1915 President – Mrs. Virginia Meredith. The Third Annual meeting of the Association was held at Purdue University in January.

1916 Mrs. Virginia Meredith served her last year as president of the Association. Pins were given to girls in the 4-H clubs.

1917 President – Miss Mary L. Matthews. The association voted to write to congressmen to urge passing of Smith-Lever Act. (This was passed and made Extension Service possible.) Voted to sponsor 2 outstanding 4-H girls in Indiana for a trip to National 4-H Club Camp. This has continued every year since.

1918 President – Mary L. Matthews. The Association members did war work with the Red Cross, Y.M.C.A., and Liberty Loans. Meals at the Association meeting were $.25.

1919 President – Mary L. Matthews. The flu epidemic postponed the annual meeting from January to April.

1920 Until this time, presidents of the organization were staff members of Purdue University. In 1920, a woman away from the University was elected president, Mrs. Lawrence Foster, (Jess) (Montgomery County).

1921 President – Mrs. Morton Fordice (Ella), (Putnam County) Provisions were made for the president to receive expenses for her duties and to support a New Home Economics Building at Purdue U.

1922 President – Mrs. Lawrence Vannice (May), (Hendricks County) The Association helped endorse a bill in the state legislature to support the home demonstration agent funds.

1923 President – Mrs. Ed Hatch (Verna), (Allen County) The Association meeting was held in the new Home Economics Building at Purdue University. Began leader training with meetings in foods, clothing, home management or home furnishings.

1924 President – Mrs. Elmer Water (Emma), (Tippecanoe County) The Association wanted better housing conditions for girls attending Purdue University.

1925 President – Mrs. R.D. Canan (Inez), (Tippecanoe County) Each county was to send one girl to the State Fair School.

1926 President – Mrs. W.G. McCoy (Rainey), (Tippecanoe County) 4-H girls were recipients of educational trips.

1927 President – Mrs. W. C. Roberts (Gussie), (Lawrence County) 309 clubs with 10,142 members

1928 President – Mrs. Harry Stevenson (Elma), (Monroe County) The Annual Meeting was still held in January at the Home Economics Building.

1929 President – Mrs. Calvin Perdue (Vesta), (Shelby County) Much effort was made to interest women in the Home Economics Clubs and to establish new clubs.

1930 President – Mrs. Frank Kirkpatrick (Mary), (Clinton County) The Home Economics Club creed was adopted. The one written by Mrs. C.W. Horne of Hendricks County was selected from 60 entries.

1931 President – Mrs. John E. Baer (Orpha), (Kosciusko County) A contest was held to select a seal for IEHA.

1932 President – Mrs. McKinley Vance, (Aline), (Daviess County) A student loan fund for juniors and seniors at Purdue was started by club contributions.

1933 President – Mrs. Floyd Gross (Anna), (Wayne County) An association seal was officially adopted. Venus Klein of Kosciusko County designed the one selected and was awarded $10.

1934 President-Mrs. Fred Herrick (Lora), (Cass County) Theme – “Indiana Singing” The first Home Economics Chorus in Indiana was organized in Tippecanoe County by Albert P. Stewart.

1935 President – Mrs. H.S.K. Bartholomew (Amy), (Elkhart County) The president attended a meeting in Ohio to discuss forming a National Home Demonstration Council. 264 clubs, 6,014 members 1936 President – Mrs. O.L. McCay (Mildred), (Tippecanoe County) An association prayer was adopted, written by T.M. Sample of Shelby County and was sung by Mrs. Albert P. Stewart over the radio.

1937 President – Mrs. Lawrence Clendenning (Melinda), (Clinton County) 25th Anniversary Tea and party were held. A memorial to Mrs. Virginia C. Meredith was established in the form of a loan fund.

1938 President – Mrs. Dan Hey (Camille), (Shelby County) 552 clubs and 15,666 members, with a goal of 25,000 members at the end of the year. Silver Anniversary of Indiana Home Economics Association.

1939 President – Mrs. William Bach (Theresa), (Lake County) Motto: “SERVICE” meaning Sincerity, Earnestness, Religion, Victory, Interest, Courtesy, and Enjoyment. Became affiliated with the National Home Demonstration Council. President was a voting delegate at Associated Country Women of the World meeting in London. The Home Economics Chorus sang at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. Al Stewart was Music Director.

1940 President – Mrs. G.H. Brown (Golda), (Randolph County) Association joined the National Home Demonstration Council. Dues were $25.00. There were fourteen states in membership. The fourth annual meeting of the National Organization was held at Purdue in the North Ballroom of Memorial Union. Total expense for the conference was $192.99. Honorary President was conferred on Miss Lella Gaddis by the Association.

1941 President – Mrs. Page Bronnenberg (Henrietta), (Madison County) Two loan funds were combined, the Student Loan Fund and the Virginia C. Meredith Memorial Loan and called the Virginia C. Meredith Student Loan Fund.

1942 President – Mrs. Clarke T. Crone (Kathryn), (Warren County) The State President’s pin was designed by Mrs. Floyd Gross (Wayne County). The pin would cost about $4.40 each.

1943 President – Mrs. G.E. Bausman (Fern), (Tippecanoe County) Annual meeting in January was attended by 158 members. Two-$500 war bonds were purchased.

1944 President – Mrs. Roy Latta (Alvira), (Clay County) The “Let’s get acquainted” program was started in order to acquaint members with the state association. It was suggested to have an officer in each of the nine districts.

1945 President – Mrs. Bert Dimmick (Lovey), (Grant County) Only 300 attended the conference at Purdue on January 11 due to World War II and gas rationing.

1946 President – Mrs. Worley Myers (Bonnie), (Montgomery County) It was approved that each club would be represented by one voting delegate at the annual meeting.

1947 President – Mrs. Charles Krise (Sadie), (DeKalb County) Theme: “Today’s Home Builds Tomorrow’s World” The Lella R. Gaddis Scholarship was started to honor her upon her retirement for 35 years service as State Leader of Home Economics Extension in Indiana. A cooperative home, to be fully equipped, was discussed. It was voted to have the annual meeting in the summer.

1948 President – Mrs. Orville Miller (Florence), (Vermillion County) Theme: “The Rural Woman–a World Citizen” Voted to enlarge the state executive committee to include one representative from each district in addition to the state officers. Association became a member of the CWC.

1949 President – Mrs. Ray Lambert (Inah), (Delaware County) Cooperative House plans were accepted and began to raise funds with a goal of $1 per member.

1950 President – Mrs. J.H. Gillaspy (Etta), (Jackson County) A committee was appointed to investigate the purchase of a house to be used as a cooperative home. $17,977.42 was reportedly raised. 2114 clubs with 58,770 members. 38th annual meeting on August 3rd. Treasurer’s report $3,113.84

1951 President – Miss Fannie Beard, (Vigo County) Theme: “Educate a Girl for Citizenship” Name of the association changed from Indiana Home Economics Association to Indiana Home Demonstration Association. The annual meeting Keynote Speaker was ACWW President, Mrs. Raymond Sayre, from Iowa. 2,220 clubs with 58,800 members.

1952 President – Mrs. Clarence Kimmer (Lois), (Wells County) Theme: “Educate a Girl…and You Educate a Family” 62,000 members and 2,378 clubs.

1953 President – Mrs. Carl Scudder (Wilberta), (Tipton County) Theme: The IHDA Creed, first and last lines. Selected Twin Pines as the name of the Cooperative House. $30,000 was contributed to the house. Ten girls selected to live in the house while remodeling was being done. Contributed $100 to hospitality fund at ACWW.

1954 President – Mrs. James Porter (Wilma), (Benton County) Conference Theme: “Today’s Homemaker in a Changing World” Twin Pines at 322 Waldron Street, West Lafayette, was dedicated at Purdue University with tours of the house during the summer conference. Started working scholarships for the home economic students at Menas Gerais, Brazil, a self-help scholarship.

1955 President – Mrs. John Curry (Myrtle) , (Sullivan County) Conference Theme: Today’s Home Builds Tomorrow’s World” Voted to have a citizenship school. 2,745 clubs and 66,798 members from 92 counties.

1956 President – Mrs. Ralph Diefenbach (Nina), (Clark County) 2,844 clubs, 67,507 members

1957 President – Mrs. Victor Fischer (Carolyn), (Vanderburgh County) Took part in the National Survey, which was the forerunner to the Young Homemakers Program in Indiana.

1958 President – Mrs. Elmer Becker (Mildred), (Allen County) Conference Theme: “Future is in Your Hands” Driving contests were held around the state, with the Association receiving awards from the Indiana Safety Council. Miss Janalyce Rouls, Associate State Leader, was luncheon speaker at the National Central Luncheon in Wichita, Kansas.

1959 President – Mrs. Perry Thompson (Ruth), (Bartholomew County) Conference Theme: “Today’s Homemaker Builds Tomorrow’s World” Awards were given to 47 counties for organizing a total of 118 clubs. 6,100 members attended the Annual meeting in June.

1960 President – Mrs. Kenneth Scott (Rosanna), (Delaware County) Theme: “Frame Work for Friendship” Polio Immunization was the State Health Project and the International Fund was established. 48th Annual Conference – 1089 voting delegates. Total attending 2,418. ACWW President, Mrs. Gerda Van Beckhoff, Netherlands was present.

1961 President – Mrs. William Depew (Nellie), (Lake County) Theme: “A Better World Begins With Me” Land Grant College commemorated by IHDA on the 100th year (Morrill Act 1892) by focusing attention on Indiana Colleges and Education for all. The Association, IHDA, and Farm Bureau, hosted the Country Women’s Council in Indianapolis in August.

1962 President – Mrs. Lloyd Cash (Isabel), (Montgomery County) Theme: “Build Tomorrow Today Through Education” Mrs. Rosanna Scott, Muncie, was selected as the first Exchange Homemaker, and was sent to Australia, to the ACWW Triennial meeting.

1963 President – Mrs. Floyd Tucker (Milly), (Hancock County) Theme: “50 Years of Learning and Service” Celebrated the 50th Anniversary and published 50 Years of Learning and Service, a historical account of Home Economics Extension through 50 years. 65,200 members and 3,059 clubs. Commemorative Anniversary plate sold for $2.00. The first National Leadership Conference sponsored by NHDA held at Purdue. 31 states were represented.

1964 President – Mrs. Ralph Bates (Bertha), (Floyd County) Theme: “Getting to Know You” The State Constitution was revised to a “non-profit” organization.

1965 President – Mrs. Richard Agness (Donna), (Miami County) Theme: “Personal Growth for Community Development” Indiana was host to NEHC in August at Purdue. First Citizenship Tour to Washington D.C. with seminars. A total of 400 women participated over a 5 year period. The first Exchange Homemaker was brought to Indiana, Dilma Passos Mail, from Brazil, S. America.

1966 President – Mrs. Joseph Abell (Luella), (Jackson County) Theme: “People With a Purpose, The Key to the Future” A change of the association name from Indiana Home Demonstration Association to Indiana Extension Homemakers Association, Incorporated.

1967 President – Mrs. Dale Schinbeckler (Helen), (Noble County) Theme: “The Home – Cornerstone of the Future” Home Economics Extension became incorporated with the School of Home Economics as Eva Goble became Dean of the School. 1968 President–Mrs. John Kelly (Maureen), (Sullivan County) Theme: “Outreach-To Learn – To Live- To Earn” Mrs. Mary Jane Aylesworth, Hebron, was sent to India as Exchange Homemaker.

1969 President – Mrs. Norman Swihart-Jewett (Barbara), (Elkhart County) Theme” Progress Through Knowledge” An association newsletter named Hoosier Homemaker Happenings was initiated with Phyllis Howard, Union County, as the first editor. The newsletter was named by Mrs. Charles Strosnider, Lawrence County. Constitutional changes were made affecting the Association, with the year to begin July 1 and the office of president-elect was added.

1970 President – Mrs. Chalmer Swarts (Mary Ruth), (Hancock County) Theme: “The Home – Greatest Institution in the World” The association offered free registration to one delegate from any newly-organized Extension Homemaker club. Registration was $2 and a room for 2 nights was $4.

1971 President – Mrs. Jon Woody (Shirley), (Boone County) Theme: “The Home – The Hope of the Future” It was the beginning of the Jane Award, which was to run for 10 years. It was named after Janalyce Rouls and she was the first recipient. Graciela de Uribe and Adela Aranjo, Columbia, South America, brought to Indiana as Exchange Homemaker. The Health and Safety Committee started a 2 year program on Diabetes Detection. A membership campaign was initiated. Twin Pines repaid the interest-free loan of $30,000, but IEHA will continue to nominate girls to live at Twin Pines. 3,350 clubs. 55,000 members.

1972 President – Mrs. Fred McCain (Iris), (Carroll County) Theme: Today’s Home – Tomorrow’s World” First scholarships for mature women were presented to 4 women from interest on the $30,000 from the Twin Pines loan. 3,080 clubs and 52,033 members. Two United Nation Seminar tours to New York were sponsored. This followed 8 U.N. Schools taught over the state. They flew by airplane to New York.

1973 President – Mrs. Floyd Howard (Phyllis), (Union County) Theme: “Homemakers – Peacemakers of the World” Mrs. Juanita Woodmansee, Grant County, was chosen as the Exchange Homemaker to Japan. Constitution change – The membership in IEHA is open to anyone in Indiana, regardless of color, race, ethnic background or geographic area.

1974 President – Mrs. Meredith McFadden (Doris), (Huntington County) Theme: “Homemakers – From Ideas to Action” Redistricting was approved, with Kokomo District created, making a total of 10 districts.

1975 President – Mrs. Elco Eichhorn (Ellen), (Wells County) Theme: “Homemakers – Safeguard Our Heritage of Freedom” The Citizenship Tour went to Williamsburg, VA. The first State International Day with 750 attending. 2,978 Clubs

1976 President – Mrs. Floyd Folke (JoAnn), (Dearborn County) Theme: “Homemakers – Build a Future on the Love of Homemaking” Catherine Mboya, from Kenya, Africa, visited Indiana as the Exchange Homemaker and was hosted by 10 Indiana families.

1977 President – Mrs. Clarence Arnold (Eleanor), (Rush County) Theme: “The Joy of Homemaking” 48,369 members and 2,859 clubs. The Cultural Arts Committee published the Quilt Book from state winners.

1978 President –Mrs. Gloria Huey, (Greene County) Theme: “Light Up Your Life With Knowledge” Mrs. Delores Risk, Putnam County, visited Columbia, South America, as the Exchange Homemaker.

1979 President – Mrs. Margaret Boilanger, (Shelby County) Theme: “Challenge + Enthusiasm = Opportunity” $1,000 was given by the International Committee to the International Center in West Lafayette. 2,802 clubs with 48,369 members. Citizenship Committee presented first “Know America” tour. The first IEHA President’s report was included in conference delegate packet.

1980 President – Mrs. Joy LeCount, (Noble County) Theme: “Take a bite of the ACTION” The beginning of the Oral History tapes with 4 workshops in the state, “bringing forth the changing roles of women in regards to homemaking”. Margaret Einarsdottir, Rykyavik, Iceland was the Exchange Homemaker. Young Homemakers Advisory Council was appointed. The Logo was designed by Coleen Allmandinger.

1981 President – Mrs. Doris Stevenson, (White County) Theme: “Living, Learning, Playing and Working Together = Success” A Tulip Poplar tree was planted at the State House, with a plague designating that it was from the IEHA. 44,539 members and 2,750 clubs.

1982 President – Mrs. Janice Enk, (Morgan County) Theme: “Learning to Live and Living to Learn” An Oral History slide show was made from the collection of photographs and tapes from all around the state. Emily Shireman, was the Indiana Exchange Homemaker to Iceland. A reception was held for ACWW President, Mrs. Westebring Muller.

1983 President – Mrs. Louise Cripe, (Clinton County) Theme: “Knowledge is the Key to Success” Oral History Committee and editor, Eleanor Arnold, published the first book, Feeding our Families. 2,721 clubs, 43,246 members

1984 President – Jeanette Ponsford, (Washington County) Theme: “Learning For a Brighter Tomorrow” There are 54 choral clubs with a total of 960 women, with an average age of 42. Second Oral History book, Party Lines, Pumps and Privies was published. Elizabeth Johnson, the Exchange Homemaker from Scotland, visited Indiana for 6 weeks.

1985 President – Mrs. Mary Ellen Kerber, (Tippecanoe County) Theme: “Weaving the Homemaker’s Network” Barbara Brookshire, Putnam County, was the Exchange Homemaker to Scotland. Third Oral History book, Buggies and Bad Times, was published.

1986 President – Mrs. Shirley Perry, (Washington County) Theme: “Enrich Your Horizons” Organ Donor Awareness Program was established. Family Community Leadership (FCL) Board and Institute began jointly with Ohio.

1987 President – Mrs. Connie Williams, (Porter County) Theme: “Patterns for Success-Designing the Future” Indiana hosted the NEHC in Indianapolis in August. Family Community Leadership Institute was held at Houston Woods, Ohio. (Fourth)Oral History book, Girlhood Days, was published. Host-a-Hoosier program began. 2,533 clubs and 38,397 members.

1988 President – Mrs. Janet Lippold, (Miami County) Theme: “Taking Time Any Time” Yvonne May Moore was the Exchange Homemaker from New Zealand. Sixth Oral History book, Going to Club, was published. Celebrated 75th Anniversary of IEHA.

1989 President – Mrs. Joan Ford, (Jay County) Theme: “Leadership, Lighting the Way” IEHA published a 75th Anniversary Book, to celebrate this event. Gloria Huey was chairman.

1990 President – Mrs. Linda Hamilton, (Grant County) Theme: “The Art of Hoosier Homemaking” Cultural Arts had a quilt show during the Home and Family Conference. Shirley Wise was the Exchange Homemaker to New Zealand. Last Oral History book, Living Rich Lives, was published.

1991 President – Mrs. Donna Scott, (Fayette County) Theme: “Families-The Heart of the Home” 86 counties participated in the Host-A-Hoosier program. Logo sold tote bags, calendars, and mugs.

1992 President – Mrs. Marilyn Beard, (Clinton County) Theme: “Paint Your Own Rainbow” Exchange Homemaker from Poland was Zuzanna Zielinska. She visited all 10 districts, speaking at International Days. County banners were first used during the business meeting at Conference. BeBe the Clown coloring contest was held.

1993 President – Mrs. Louise Nichols, (Kosciusko County) Theme: “Together We Can Turn Challenges In to Opportunities” The Indiana Department of Health funded the Breast Cancer Awareness Project which eventually expanded to 79 counties.

1994 President – Mrs. Barbara Kinser, (Shelby County) Theme: “Gaining Knowledge –Sharing It With Others” The Indiana Extension Homemakers Association formally withdrew from the National Organization after a unanimous vote of nearly 1,200 voting delegates at the annual meeting in June. Teddy bears for Riley Hospital project begins.

1995 President – Mrs. Nancy Jo Prue, (Newton County) Theme: “Home and Family” Restructured state programs to bring plan of action in line with mission statement. The Association Partnered with Indiana Organ Procurement Organization to promote organ donations.

1996 President – Mrs. Sydney Pontius, (Hamilton County) Theme: “Together –We Can Make a Difference” Exchange Homemaker, Louise Smith, was in Indiana representing South Africa. National Volunteer Outreach Network was formed with Indiana as a member state.

1997 President – Mrs. Nancy Smith, (Huntington County) Theme: “Passing On To Others That Which Has Benefitted Us” Formed partnership with CFS to produce Home and Family Cable Show. A formal relationship with Riley Cheer Guild was initiated.

1998 President – Linda Lowe, (Hancock County) Theme: “Reaching Out to Others” Linda Bassett was our Exchange Homemaker to South Africa. Started Project Community Support where each county can apply for a $500 grant to use in their county. The money must be used to benefit the county and have homemaker involvement.

1999 President – Ellen King, (Fulton County) Theme: “Honor Yesterday, Live For Today, Dream for Tomorrow”. Updated the video from Oral History Project as part of the Millennium Project from the Governor’s Office. Two copies of the video were given to each county. Suggested additional copies be given to elementary schools for use in Indiana History. Began i-LEaD program to develop future leaders.

2000 President – Jo Almond, (Shelby County) Theme: “Grow With Enthusiasm, Bloom with Excitement”. Website started: “”. Promotion for new members resulted in 902 new members. Computer purchased for State Treasurer. Three lesson video compiled from Home & Family TV Show episodes and distributed to each county. The Ronald McDonald House project began.

2001 President – Magy Clark, (Dubois County) Theme: “If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me”. Membership Ad Hoc Committee formed. “First Book for Kids” program started. The i-LEaD program presented via IHETS. In May, “Indiana Extension Homemakers Association” name and trademark were registered with US Patent and Trademark Office. Jo Almond elected NVON Vice President. Louise Nichols elected ACWW Treasurer.

2002 President – Joni Rich, (Grant County) Theme: “Care, Share, and Dare to Make the Difference”. Exchange Homemaker, Asimina Apostolatou “Mina” visited from Greece. Second series of three lesson video compiled and distributed. IEHA promotional signs for standing display boards given to each county. USDA audit required IEHA to address diversity issue in 2003/2004.

2003 President- Beverly Earnhart, (Elkhart County) Theme: “Be the Change You Wish to See” Project Community Support II grants of $500 made available to each county. IEHA logo lectern cloths, made by IEHA state board, were given to each district and county. County Presidents’ Dinner and Awards Program combined into Recognition Banquet at Home and Family Conference. IEHA joined pop tab “Collect a Million” Club at Ronald McDonald House. Beverly Earnhart appointed NVON Newsletter Editor.

2004 President – Rosalind Richey, (Henry County) Theme: “Build for Tomorrow Step by Step”. IEHA brochures were printed in Spanish for distribution. 93 clubs received certificates to verify name changes that reflected the federal ruling on club names being gender specific. IEHA launched its “Stepping It Up” program, partnering with “America on the Move” and Purdue University to encourage exercise by logging steps. In August, Brian Breed, director of Purdue Musical Organizations, dissolved his partnership with the Indiana Extension Homemaker Chorus. The group reorganized under their Steering Committee and became the Melody Makers of Indiana.

2005 President, Joyce Brewer, (Wabash County) Theme: “Dream, Believe, Achieve”. The IEHA cookbook, Passing On to Others, Cooking with Indiana Extension Homemakers, containing 427 recipes from 84 (of Indiana’s 92) counties was first introduced at the Spring District Meetings. Jo Almond, of Shelby County, visited Greece in the spring as the Exchange Homemaker. The “Stepping It Up” program concluded with over 2,000 IEHA members and non-members walking at some time. Final reports listed 949 names in 52 counties and a total of 672,725,477 steps. The newly organized Melody Makers of Indiana gave an inspiring concert during Home & Family Conference. IEHA hosted the NVON Conference in Indianapolis in July. A vision statement and plan of action was developed that emphasized partnering with other groups, looking for opportunities to teach basic life skills and ways to increase visibility of IEHA.

2006 President – Linda Gause, (Monroe County) Theme: “IEHA- A World of Opportunities”. Home & Family Conference was moved to May so IEHA delegates could attend the 25th ACWW Triennial in Turku, Finland in June. Indiana hosted CWC in Fort Wayne, in September.

2007 President – Shirley Nix, (Howard County) Theme: “IEHA- Turning Challenges into Achievements”. IEHA received the “Helping Hands” award from the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana on October 12, 2007. Our IEHA flyer was updated during this year. The Membership Committee was removed from Marketing/Logo and established as a separate committee. Our Exchange Homemaker, Lyn Braico, New South Wales, Australia, visited Indiana in June and attended Home & Family Conference.

2008 President – Gloria Del Greco, (Hamilton County) Theme: “Servant Leadership with IEHA”. Our year-long international project was raising funds for Habitat for Humanity in Haiti. This effort was highlighted with a video presentation at the spring district meetings. Funds were raised to build at least one home for a family and this project continued for the next year. The Melody Makers of Indiana celebrated their 75th anniversary at Home & Family Conference.

2009 President – Jean Hitchcock, (Vanderburgh County) Theme: “Aspire Higher IEHA”. Linda Gause was elected as President-Elect of NVON at the meeting in Belleville, IL. Jo Almond and Beverly Earnhart co-chaired the very successful ACWW Triennial Conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Linda Gause served as Food Service Chair. Jo Almond was elected ACWW Secretary and Beverly Earnhart was elected USA Area President. The annual IEHA meeting was held in Fowler Theater on a one year trial basis.

2010 President – Barb Keyes, (Miami County) Theme: “IEHA: Uniting as One Voice”. IEHA Cancer Research Endowment Fund was established at the Purdue University Cancer Research Center. “IEHA: Goes Extreme” (nutrition and activity program) was initiated to improve the health of IEHA members, their families, and neighbors. A partnership was formed with the Indiana State Fair for a display area, reading to children in the Book Nook, and sponsoring two State Fair events. Linda Gause was installed NVON President. IEHA also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the First Books for Kids program.

2011 President – Jan Harlow, (Tippecanoe County) Theme: “IEHA “Treasure Our Past, Embrace Our Future.” A partnership was formed with INShape Indiana, a program started by Governor Daniels to promote health and wellness for Indiana residents. The program is titled “INShape Indiana Starts at Home with IEHA”. A state wide “Membership Campaign” was initiated to promote growth of IEHA members. Ten new lessons written and researched by Extension Educators were added to the website for members to use in their programs. The $25,000 for the Purdue Cancer Research Endowment Fund was realized following a golfing event in July.

2012 President – Cricket Brown, (Miami County) Theme: “IEHA-Our Journey Continues…” The two year membership campaign ended with several new clubs being chartered. The vision statement was changed to “The Indiana Extension Homemakers are dedicated to empowering and enriching the lives of individuals, families and communities. The 3rd year partnership with the Indiana State Fair was completed by IEHA and Melody Makers of Indiana working together. IEHA celebrated 100 years with a 100th anniversary pin, and a history book entitled “Our History 100 Years of IEHA”. A history room was showcased by all 10 districts and a doll costume contest featuring fashions from the last 100 years was promoted in cultural arts. Ted Arthur wrote a song for IEHA entitled “Love is Home”. Home & Family 2013 left us all with an “Electrifying, Unique and Memorable” conference.

2013 President – Joanna Sell, (Hendricks County) Theme: “Encouraging Families, Strengthening Homes”. The Purdue Cancer Research Endowment fund reached $103 thousand dollars with a promotion of the fund at spring district meetings. This was the last year to hold Annual Conference at Purdue University. ACWW Triennial was held in Chennai, India. Support continued for Riley Cheer Guild, Ronald McDonalds House, IOPO shawls for “Threads of Compassion” First Books for Kids, and NVON’s project “Water Around the World with $5, 773 being contributed. State Board meetings were scheduled to be the same evening and following day of Focus Group Meetings to cut travel expenses.

2014 President—Marcia Dodge, (Harrison County) Theme: “Heart of a Homemaker…Faith, Hope, Love.” That was shown throughout the year by the membership’s hard work. Through their efforts in fundraising this year through dinners, donations, a tissue box decorating contest, etc., we collected approximately $45,000.00 this year for the Cancer Research Endowment Fund. 2015 President—Jeanine Arnett, (DeKalb County) Theme: “Making Friends Worldwide.” The “I CAN” pilot program began, with seven counties across the state participating. This program, offered to the public, encourages Extension Homemakers to share basic skills in cooking, sewing, home care, crafts and miscellaneous topics to those whom do not possess these skills.

2016 President—Cathy Cook, (Johnson County) Theme: “To Pass onto Others.” “Kicking Cancer with Our Boots On” was the Cancer Research Endowment Fund collection theme, with each county tasked with passing decorated boots for donations.

2017 President—Stephanie Jerabek, (Huntington County) Theme: “IEHA…Supporting Home and Family.” Support continued throughout the year for Riley Cheer Guild, Ronald McDonald House, Indiana Donor Network “Threads of Compassion” projects, First Books for Kids and the Cancer Research Endowment Fund. Donations to this fund topped $192,000 since its inception and, with corporate support, donations were matched 100% beginning November 2017. Donations to NVON “Water Around the World” project topped $1000, $158 to the CWC Garden Project in India, and over $300 to the ACWW Zero Hunger project