Pocket Hearts 2022



There’s probably one thing we can all agree on…the world could use more KINDNESS! If I learned anything through Covid it’s that we have all been touch by it in one way or another. Whether physically, mentally, emotionally, we have all been affected and let’s just be real for a moment, some days are just harder than others. IEHA does a great job of reaching out to specific groups of people (nursing homes, first responders, our schools, shelters, etc.)! Don’t stop doing that but let’s add another group of people to reach out to. Who is that? Random people!! Let’s think outside the box for a moment. Who doesn’t love it and feel uplifted or even have a smile on their face when someone does something completely random for them? That’s where Pocket Hearts come in.

We are going to make Pocket Hearts and scatter them everywhere! It’s a simple gesture of kindness that can be placed anywhere and everywhere or even sent in the mail. How about making a basketful of hearts and dropping them off at your dentist office to be placed for patients to pick up, or tape one to a vending machine! The idea is that they will reach people that are outside of our norm of who we currently do outreach to! But wait…there’s more! Remember I said it would bring awareness to IEHA? That’s where the #IEHA Way comes into play. Attached to these
Pocket Hearts will be a tag. On the front it will explain what a Pocket Heart is and on the backside it will tell them who it is from – US!!! It will ask them to post a picture of their Pocket Heart and where they got it and to tag #IEHA on the post.

The more people that #IEHA in their posts, the more IEHA Community we will build on social media. Then whenever someone types in #IEHA on social media, we will pop up on their search! It also will have our website information for them to learn more about us. You see, OUTSIDE THE BOX!

So here’s your CHALLENGES for 2022-2023:

1. I want to personally challenge each county to scatter #1000 Pocket Hearts over the next IEHA year. Now don’t let that number scare you! You see, if you made pocket hearts 10 months out of the year that 100 hearts those months and if your county has 4 clubs then that means only 25 hearts for each club a month. That’s completely doable!!!
2. I also want to challenge each county to start a Kindness Club! You decide what you will do within that club – it doesn’t have to be Pocket Hearts – you could do a variety of things!
There will be a report form for you to send into me throughout the year. It can be completed quarterly or even every 6 months. It’s easy to fill out!

Let’s do this together – Let’s Scatter Kindness the #IEHA Way!

Scatter Kindness Report Form