Presidential Pointer – January 2022 I

P r e s i d e n t i a l T h o u g h t s …

The new year has arrived and with it hopes for renewed connections with IEHA members. The past
two years have challenged us with Covid pandemic measures we still need to consider and follow. I am
looking forward to holding our Spring District meeting in-person, but we will adapt that plan as necessary.
Our members have shown that we are more than ready to meet these challenges.
Be sure to pass along information about our IEHA scholarship opportunities and the scholarship
opportunity offered by Country Women’s Council USA. More about these opportunities is included in this
issue of Presidential Pointers.
Are you looking forward to Home and Family Conference 2022? I know I am! The Conference has a
slightly different format this year but will still include all the favorite conference activities. Read more in
Anne’s article.
Encourage friends to come to Conference with you. I am excited about seeing many of you in March at
your District meetings.

Stay safe and stay healthy!
Jan Gogel, IEHA President


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