New “Steps to Success” Scholarship

We are proud to announce a new vocational or technical scholarship


  1. Applicant must be a resident of the State of Indiana.
  2. Applicant must be admitted or be enrolled in an accredited college or university or an accredited vocational or technical program. This should be a two-year program earning an industry certification in the chosen field.
  3. Vocational and technical scholarship applicants must include a letter from school advisor stating that candidate is on track for graduation.
  4. Attach the following to completed application:
    1. Two (2) character reference letters from persons not related to you.
    2. Official High School transcript of courses completed, including GPA and class rank.
    3. A copy of the College/School acceptance letter, if courses have not started.
    4. A copy of acceptance letter to an accredited vocational/technical school.
    5. A letter of recommendation from your primary technical instructor or director.
    6. A 500-word essay describing the life skills applicant has developed through high school and community involvement.  Include educational background, financial need, volunteer or        community service activities and how applicant would benefit from this scholarship.
  5. Applications must be postmarked by MAY 1 to be considered. Applications postmarked after May 1 will not be considered.

Five (5) $500.00 scholarships will be given:

Four (4) to an applicant admitted to or enrolled in a state accredited college or university and one (1) to a state accredited vocational and technical program.

Steps to Success Scholarship Form