Presidential Thoughts

By the time you will be reading this, it will be April and, hopefully, Spring will be arriving with great flare. I am not a big fan of winter and all who know me well will tell you that my winter can last from noon on Christmas Eve until 6:00 p.m. on Christmas night. Then, I am done with snow and ice for the season and ready for Spring! I love to explore the yard for signs of new life in the form of fresh buds, early flowers and signs of new life. Already this late winter, I have seen a fox chasing a squirrel and a group of deer, searching for fresh greens in our yard. The daffodils and crocus are poking through as I write this, though the temperatures are still right around freezing.

Our Spring District Meetings began March 13, in Monroe County and ended in DeKalb County just before the end of the month. What a treat it is for me to travel across the state and see IEHA members and Educators and hear all of the good things that our members have done this year. You are awesome! The service that you offer to so many is so valued and needed and I am in awe of the things that are accomplished under the umbrella of IEHA membership. Together we can do so much! You have touched lives around the state and around the world. Never stop giving the best of yourselves! It is my sincere hope that when you give and see the impact that you make, that you will feel the impact that it has had on you. No one can give to others without being changed for the better themselves.

I am truly honored to have been able to serve you as your State President this year and look forward to continued service with all of you. We may be scattered around the state but our hearts and missions and goals are connected and will flourish when we strive for those common goals. Thank you for your passion and dedication to our organization and to our communities around the state. You truly are IEHA…Supporting Home and Family.

Stephanie Jerabek
IEHA State President