IEHA Calendar 2015-2016

Download your 2015-16 IEHA Calendar here.

IEHA Due Dates 2016-2017

Check the 2016-17 IEHA due dates here.

IEHA Calendar 2016-2017

Here's the 2016-17 IEHA calendar.

Extension Homemakers Week Proclamation

Indiana Extension Homemaker Week is an annual event ending with the 4th Saturday in October.  Use this document to promote the event in your area.

IEHA Due Dates 2015-2016

Download your copy of the IEHA Due Dates for the 2015-16 year here.

Cancer Research Endowment

Cancer Research Donation Form

Use this form to send your Cancer Research Endowment Fund donations to our State Treasurer.

IEHA Cancer Research Endowment Fund for Purdue Cancer Research
Want to know more about our Cancer Research Endowment fund? Here's some information.


Member Certificate Application Form

Send this application to the current State President to receive certificates for your 25, 50, 60, 75, 80, 90, 95, or 100 year members.

Club Certificate Application

Download and use this certificate to request a certificate to celebrate your club's 25, 50, 60, 75, 80, 90, 100 years of IEHA membership.

Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts Entry Form

Find the entry form for your County's item in the Cultural Arts Exhibit at Home and Family Conference 2016 here.

Cultural Arts Entry Information

This download will give you information about the Cultural Arts Exhibit at Home and Family Conference 2016.

Cultural Arts Pillow Contest 2016

Pillows are the special category for Cultural Arts 2016. Get the details here.

Education Focus Group

Education Focus Group Plan of Action

The Education Focus Group plan of action can be viewed here.

Exchange Homemaker

Exchange Homemaker Hostess Application

IEHA will be welcoming our visiting Exchange Homemaker from Canada during Spring 2016. Use this form to apply to serve as a hostess for our guest. 

Exchange Homemaker Hostess - 2nd Call

It's not too late to apply to host our Exchange Homemaker from Canada.  Use this form.

First Books for Kids

First Books for Kids Program Description

"First Books for Kids" is an IEHA program to benefit both pre-school children and our members. The IEHA volunteer reads to a class of children on designated days, and then presents a copy of the book to each child. Learn more here through these downloads.

First Books for Kids Report & Evaluation Form

Report your "First Books for Kids" activities with this form.

First Timer

First Timer Application

Use this form to apply to win a "First Timer" award for Home and Family Conference. 

First Timer Facts

Never been to Home and Family Conference?!!  You could qualify and receive a First Timer Award to help defray the cost of attending. Ten state winners are selected - one from each IEHA District.  Read the information here, then move on to the application.

Focus Groups & Activity Committees

Conference Table Display Application 2016

Home and Family Conference 2016 will showcase county activities with table displays. Download this application form to get participation details.

Focus Group Application

Each year volunteers are needed to serve on the Focus Groups and Activity Committees. All active members of IEHA are eligible. It is not necessary to have served as a county officer.

Committee members commit to attend Focus Days one or two times yearly. Focus Days are currently held in Noblesville, Indiana at the Hamilton County Extension Complex. All groups meet on Focus Days making car pools possible. Attendance at Home & Family Conference is required of members of some groups.

Applications are due to the President Elect at spring district meetings. A new application is required each year.

History and 100th Anniversary Activities

Lyrics to "Love is Home"

The 100th Anniversary celebration at Home and Family Conference 2013 included a very special song for IEHA and the occasion.  "Home is Love" was written by Ted Arthur and performed by our Extension Homemakers chorus, The Melody Makers of Indiana.  Download the lyrics here.

100 Ways to Celebrate IEHA

Although the 100th Anniversary celebration is over, this list has many good suggestions for special occasions and celebrations in your local counties and clubs.  Download it now and do something special in your area.

Through the Years - A Brief Look at IEHA History

This download will give you a very brief overview of the history of IEHA.  For more detailed information check with your County Extension Office for our "100th Anniversary History Book".  You may also use the "Contact Us" form here on the website with your questions.

Home and Family Conference

Home and Family Conference 2016 Registration Form

Home and Family Conference will be held in Indianapolis on June 13, 14 & 15, 2016. This year's event begins on a Monday! Download your registration form here.


Host A Hoosier Application Form

Use this form to participate in the Host-A-Hoosier program.  This application is for the exchange that will take place between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.  

Host-A-Hoosier Guidelines

I Want to Go Again Award

I Want to Go Again Award Application

The Past State Presidents organization is sponsoring an award for an IEHA member who has attended Home and Family Conference in the past but for some reason has not been able to attend recently.  The award will pay $100 toward conference expenses.  Download and read the form for more information and instructions.


i-LEaD Program Information
Not sure what i-LEaD is?! The i-LEaD (Indiana Leadership, Education and Development) program is designed for the new, emerging leader who wishes to grow in his/her confidence and leadership skills. Find out a little more here.

Still have questions? Use our "Contact Us" page and we will try to provide the answers.

IEHA Logos

IEHA logo

IEHA logo as a .GIF for download

Leadership Focus Group

Access Indiana
Visit this official website of the State of Indiana. It has a wealth of information about our Indiana government.

Calling Your Legislator
Want to know the most effective way to make phone calls to your legislators? This information will help!

Effective E-Mails to Government Officials
Many people think an e-mail to legislators is a waste of time, but nothing could be further from the truth. Here are some tips.

Leadership Plan of Action

Read about the Leadership Focus Group plans for the coming year here.

Marketing & Logo Sales

Marketing & Logo Plan of Action

The Marketing and Logo Sales committee gives suggestions for your county activities in this download. 


Forming a New EH Club

Get some suggestions for forming new clubs with this download.

Now That I'm a Member

Tips for new members can be found here.

Why Belong to an Extension Homemakers Club

Membership tips can be found in this download.

Membership Plan of Action for Counties

Does your county have a plan to increase membership? Download this form for suggestions.

Membership Recruitment Suggestions
Need suggestions of ways to atract new members? The Membership Focus Group has a list of ideas for you.

NVON Project in Common

Water Around the World - Page 3

Download Water Around the World - Page 3 here.

Water Around the World Report Form

Use this form to report about your Water Around the World project.

Water Around the World - Page 1 of 3

The NVON Project in Common for 2013-2015 is "Water Around the World." The objective of the three year international project is to present an overview of how clean water is an essential resource and fundamental building block of life, present an awareness of problems that could arise when clean water is lacking in communities, and how we can help those in need around the world.

This download is the first of 3 pages detailing the project.  Be sure to download all the pages to find out how your county or club can participate. 

All IEHA monies should be sent to our own State Treasurer, Charlotte DeVille.

Water Around the World - Page 2

Download Water Around the World Project - Page 2 here.

Order Forms

Logo Order Form

Use this form to order Logo items.

County Officer Pins

IEHA officer pins can be ordered for your County Officers.  Download the form here.

Logo Items Price List

The list of logo items and their prices can be found here. Download the Order Form or contact your District Representative or State Marketing and Logo Chair to order items for your club or county.

Presidential Pointers

Presidential Pointers - March 2016

Presidential Pointers is the newsletter of the Indiana Extension Homemakers Association. Download the March 2016 edition here.

Presidential Pointers - January 2016

Presidential Pointers is an informative newsletter of the Indiana Extension Homemakers Association. Download the latest edition here.

Scholarship Forms

Ruth B. Sayre Scholarship Application

Download the Ruth B. Sayre Scholarship Application here. Be sure to download the scholarship information as well.

Career Advancement Scholarship Form

Eight $500 Scholarships will be given. One (1) as the Eleanor Arnold Award to an IEHA member, one (1) as the Ann Hancook Award to a degree in the medical profession, and six (6) random scholarships. Read and follow the instructions for completing the application. Applications that are incomplete or that have missing information will not be considered. Scholarships are usually granted for Undergraduate degrees rather than Masters degrees. Scholarships will be awarded with regard to financial need. Former winners may reapply.

Ruth B. Sayre Scholarship Information

The Ruth B. Sayre Scholarship is a memorial scholarship of $500 offered for the purpose of fostering educational development of women.  Country Women's Council-USA sponsors the scholarship.  IEHA is a member of CWC. IEHA will only sponsor the applications of Indiana residents.

This download will give you information, then move on to the application.

Silent Auction - Home and Family Conference

Silent Auction Policy

Silent Auction guidelines are listed here.

State Forms

County President's Report

Each County President is asked to report yearly on the activities of her county organization. Download this form to file your report.

NEW THIS YEAR!!  Make only one copy of the report!

The report must be one page only using both sides of the paper! Bring the copy to the State President at your Spring District Meeting or email it to the State President Elect by April 1st.

State Expense Report Form

District Representative Application Form
Complete and submit this form to run for the position of District Representative.

State Officer Application Form
Complete and submit this form to run for a State Officer position.

Cancer Research Endowment Fund Donation Form
Use this form to send donations for the Cancer Research Endowment Fund to the State Treasurer.

County Officer Data Form

Use this form to submit information about your new county officers.  Send it to your District Representative by April 1st.

Nickels for Indiana Leadership

This document explains Nickels for Indiana Leadership.

IEHA Insurance Election Letter of Explaination

This letter may answer your questions and will give you information about the Insurance Election program and the Treasurer's Bond.

Coins for Friendship Facts

Confused about what Coins for Friendship is, or where those coins are used?  This form may help answer some of your questions.

IEHA Payment Form for DRs and District Treasurers

This form should be used by District Representatives and District Treasurers to send money to our State Treasurer.

IEHA Insurance Election Form 2016-2017

Your county can obtain liability coverage through MBAH Insurance at a very reasonable rate. Enroll now for coverage from 8-1-2016 through 7-31-2017. You can purchase Treasurer's Dishonesty/Fidelity Bond insurance with this form as well. Enrollments must be postmarked no later than June 15, 2016.

State Dues Form 15-16

Here you can find the State Dues form to be used for paying 2015-2016 dues and donations. These monies were due by July 1, 2015. Dues should be sent to Sharon Baldwin our current IEHA State Treasurer.

IEHA Communication Tree

The IEHA State Board uses the communication system outlined in this document to release important information.

State and District Map

This map shows our IEHA Districts.

Volunteer Community Support

Patterns for Riley Childrens' Hospital

Is your county or club sewing items for Riley Childrens' Hospital? Use the "Contact Us" page to request patterns or information.

Volunteer Community Support Plans

The objective of our Volunteer Community Support Focus Group is to promote Extension Homemaker involvement in local, county, district and state community projects that impact family life and support the community. Learn more about plans to make this possible with this download.

Riley Cheer Guild Toy Room Wish List

Ronald McDonald House Wish List

Riley Cheer Guild Donation Form & Instruction Sheet
Are you donating something to Riley Childrens Hospital? Fill out this form and send it with your donation. Please remember that they do not want to receive our donations in December. You will also find general instructions for handmade donations here.

Indiana Donor Network Shawl Donation Page

Please include this donation page with your shawls for the Indiana Donor Network "Threads of Compassion" program.

Riley Cheer Guild Information & Donation Tips

This download gives some important information about the Riley Cheer Guild and your donations.

Riley Cheer Guild Membership Form

IEHA is a continuing supporter of Riley Cheer Guild. You or your club may want to consider becoming a member of the Guild. This form gives the information needed.

"I'm Thumbody Special" Program

The "I'm Thumbody Special" program is provided through Mental Health America in certain Indiana Counties.  The program is based on the concept that each child is as special and unigue as his/her thumbprint. 

Download and learn more here.

Volunteer Community Support Report Form

Use this form to record all Volunteer Community Support Activities.

Indiana Donor Network Threads of Compassion

IEHA is parterning with Indiana Donor Network to provide shawls for organ donor families.  Volunteers are needed to knit or crochet the shawls. This download will tell you more about the program. You will find the pattern and instructions on an additional download.

Indiana Donor Network Threads of Compassion Patterns

This download gives the instructions to make the shawls for the Indiana Donor Network Threads of Compassion program.


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