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Purdue Extension Consumer and Family Sciences provides informal educational programs that increase knowledge, influence attitudes, teach skills, and inspire aspirations. Through the adoption and application of these practices, the quality of individual, family, and community life is improved.

Consumer and Family Sciences Extension is part of the mission of the College of Consumer and Family Sciences at Purdue University and the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service. Consumer and Family Sciences Extension brings staff and volunteer expertise together to address the needs and priority issues facing Indiana families.

County Extension Offices
Find out the latest going on in your county's, or another county's, Extension Program. Simply click on the county you wish to visit on the Indiana map.

Educational Resources

Kraft Foods
Choose the "How-To Videos" tab to see short videos on specific recipes. They can be informative about techniques, dress, use of knives, etc.

If you choose "Step by Step Recipes", there are slide-illustrated recipes. You may not choose that recipe, but good techniques are illustrated.

Under "Charts and Guides", there are sections on Grilling Secrets illustrated with slides and Knife Skills has a printable one page quide and a video to watch.

In addition to Knife Skills, the Kitchen Basics videos offer some other technique helps.

Better Homes and Gardens
At the Better Homes and Gardens website under Food & Recipes category, there are slide shows to help with specific techniques.

Under Cooking Techniques, there are Steaming Basics, Stir-Fry Basics, Frying Basics, etc.

There are cutting tips for all kinds of foods with step-by-step directions illustrated with close-up slides.

Southern Living
Find videos here with basic techniques demonstrated.


Melody Makers of Indiana

INShape Indiana
IEHA participated in the NVON project in Common for 2010-2012" Let's Take Off" by initiating IEHA goes Extreme. Indiana will continue to participate in this program through activities in partnership with INShape Indiana. All Extension Homemakers across the state are encouraged to participate in this program and to encourage everyone they know to participate also. Participation by a large number of residents will lead to a healthier community and a healthier State of Indiana.

Click on the blue, INShape Indiana words above to sign up and get started!


National Volunteer Outreach Network ~ NVON
IEHA is a charter member of NVON, our national organization. The purpose of this organization is to join USA organizations that belong to ACWW. It works to build a better understanding of the relationship of the home, community, state, nation and world.

Country Women's Council - CWC
As a member of NVON we are members of CWC. CWC is a national organization that helps member societies understand and coordinate the work of ACWW in the USA.


Associated Country Women Of The World ~ ACWW
Our worldwide organization, ACWW aims to raise the standards of living of women and their families all over the world through promotion of nutrition, health, leadership training, equality, literacy and the environment. They believe that peace and progress can best be advanced by friendship and understanding through communication and working together to improve the quality of life for all people.


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